Ather is one of the biggest companies in the electric scooter market in India, They reached out to me to create a 3D composition for their new program of Ather Unlocked 2023.

Where the riders are awarded based on their riding achievement.

When they reached out to me they had finalized the web design and badge designs, My role was to create the 3D composition which would fit right in with the website and colors of the website while also taking inspiration from the 2D badge designs they had.

The goal was to create a 3D composition that shows the reward aspect and tie in the 2D badge designs to create a Hero animation for the website.

Badge Designs

Here we explored different types of compositions and design elements, we took what worked the best and brought all those ideas together to create the final 3D composition.

I also experimented with bringing in 2D patterns as design elements or textures.

Initial Exploration
Texture Explorations

In this stage we had a very clear idea on how the composition should look and we started exploring the different ways to convey fun with textures and also mimic a clay look since the scooter is a real clay Trophy that will be given to the winners.

Final Animation

After all the fun explorations we went through this as the final output.



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